What The Heck Is Living Force ?

May 9, 2016



What the heck is Living Force Wellness?

Funny you ask.. I was just explaining that to a friend who was asking about why we started this company.



Living Force Wellness came about initially as a massage therapy center. We began treating people in pain. We started a pain management company that helped people heal from injuries and postural issues so they could feel alive again. Not only does massage help with increased muscle relaxation, decreased inflammation, and increased joint mobility but also overall increased emotional stability.





As the massage business flourished, we chose to add postural restoration as one of our key services offered. Postural restoration focuses on analyzing the alignment of the human body and creating an exercise therapy program to restore the correct position of the patient’s skeleton. Massage and postural restoration go hand in hand. Once the body begins to heal areas where alignment is an issue, massage is excellent for management, allowing the muscles to maintain flexibility, mobility and blood flow. Healthy muscles and joints help keep the skeleton aligned. We began to see our patients’ health flourish.





Well, the only reasonable next step in our wellness program is to get people strong and fit to help maintain these newly healed bodies. Our gym also attracts clients looking to be proactive about their fitness to prevent tense muscles and pain issues from starting. That is when Full Force Fitness was born. Full Force has taken the fitness industry by well, um…Force! A healthy, fit, strong body is a very capable body. With our fitness program, we have multiple goals setting programs. We offer training for fitness competition shows, specialized athletic training, group training, and individual one on one training for specific goals.






The latest stage of our wellness program formed to create a balanced internal body. We believe in a balanced individualized nutrition in which we help lay out a plan for success for every client. We provide a nutritional plan designed for each person and their specified goals. We believe providing our clients the highest quality coaching and products.  We began our own supplement label LIVING FORCE WELLNESS SUPPLEMENTS to ensure we offer the best, most reliable Turmeric, Probiotics and Testosterone Boosters for our client’s programs. We have created this line of supplements and stand behind all our products.



We have chosen Turmeric as this is excellent for its anti-inflammatory benefits. While beginning a new nutritional program people sometimes feel different negative affects while the body adjusts to the new diet.

  • Provides the body added fuel to help decrease joint pain

  • Increases anti-oxidant activity

  • Boost the immune system

  • Helps decrease arthritis symptoms

  • Recognized as an anticarcinogen which could help prevent cancer due to its anti-inflammatory benefits








We also chose to add a Probiotic to our line of supplements because the first and most overlooked reason that our digestive tracts are critical to our health is because 80% of your entire immune system is in your digestive tract.

Who doesn’t want good digestion? What goes in must come out!


Adding a probiotic supplement into your diet, you could see the following probiotics benefits:

  • Stronger immune system

  • Improved digestion

  • Increased energy from production of vitamin B12

  • Better breath because probiotics destroy candida

  • Healthier skin, since probiotics naturally treat eczema and psoriasis

  • Reduced cold and flu

  • Healing from leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease

  • Weight loss



The other product currently in our line is a testosterone booster. Both men and women can be affected by low testosterone.  It’s a hormone necessary to regulate the metabolism, sex organs and other functions of the body.  Eat right, exercise, sleep well and don’t sweat the small stuff and you will see a rise in your testosterone levels quickly and enjoy a healthy sex life and all around good living.  Testosterone levels do have a great effect on physical, sexual and emotional well-being, and even your attitude will be more favorable. Nobody wants a bad attitude!




Advantages of Testosterone Support Supplementation

  • Can enhance your libido

  • Boost muscle while minimizing fat

  • Enhance energy levels

  • Help build your endurance as you pack on lean muscle mass and strength


100% Support is what we are about from beginning to end!!


Emotional - https://www.instagram.com/operationwholeness/

Goal Setting

Diet / Nutrition - https://www.instagram.com/livingforcewellness/


Guided Fitness - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrJpU-s-lpvfZrEDtAvwovw

Postural Restoration - https://www.instagram.com/fitnessfullforce/

Therapeutic Massage - www.fullforce.fitness

Healthy, Mindful Retreats available too! - www.OperationWholeness.com


Come visit us and walk with us on your journey to a healthy, active, balanced, happy life inside and out.


~Living Force Wellness




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